Free 3-day Workshop

3 Secrets to give color to your life

Learn how to improve joy,
strengthen resilience
and find mental clarity.

September 6 - 8, 2022
3 - 5 PM CET


Here’s what you will learn in this brand new workshop:

  • Proven ways to less worry and doing things that lighten you up
    Imagine what you can do because you are amazing

  • Making a mindset shift
    How you see yourself and where you are will have a direct impact on your well-being and your emotional balance
  • Key mistakes to avoid
    Mistakes to avoid in your current life to sustain thriving over the long-term

This Workshop is for you if you are a widow and you are living with grief after loss for over two years or more, who:

  • Wants to make a transition to thrive again

    Wants to create a meaningful life

    Wants to develop resilience and a positive outlook
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Hi I'm Margreeth,

I love nature and people.
Since 2006, I support widows in their transition to create a new and positive life.
I'm an international licensed mindfulness teacher, coach, mentor and ambassador.
If you want to learn everything I know about the pitfalls I have encountered, and you are yearning to build a positive life again, then this is the workshop for you.